Masks and More Masks

At the end of April I decided to put my sewing skills to use and make fabric re-useable masks, thinking I’d be happy to sew up 20 or so for the shop.

And it sorta snow-balled into a full-time Mask Factory for a few months until the end of July when I decided there are plenty of other makers around now and masks are more widely available in shops, and I wanted to get back into my studio.

But it was a fun diversion from my regular studio work, working with fabrics and prints and colors and my machine! (A Bernina in case you’re wondering, that’s probably around 17 years old and I am the 4th owner of it).

I believe I sewed and shipped approximately 350 masks in 3 months, what a marathon!!

In between the masks I got a lot of other projects done: rings, earrings, bracelets, and some housework too.

And now I’m back in the studio a bit more full-time with plans for some amber pieces, tree of life pendants with matching earrings, designing a ring with Moldavite meteorite, and a few other things!

And that’s about it for a quick update from the Off on a Whim studio! Sorry it’s been so long, hopefully I’ll do better with updating…maybe!

And a little package of new stones arrived yesterday: turquoise to replenish stocks, epidote for pink tree of life pendants and suncatchers, blue apatite cabochons for earrings, pink topaz faceted stones for more earrings, and some sweet silver starfish and gold-filled sand dollar charms for a summer themed pair of earrings!

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