Sewing Break!

Every so often I take a Sewing Break! A whole day dedicated to … sewing … well, sort of, besides any house chores, or FB, or email, or whatever else needs to be done. So, starting Saturday afternoon, I took on a project I’ve had in mind for over a year, re-upholstering this old chair.

Lucky me found the perfect fabric at Ikea, and on sale too! Heavy cotton with a colorful print. With plans to put this in my bedroom, which is on the bland side of decor, the colors are perfect for it:

And Pinterest provided me with the inspiration on how to do it. My chair was admittedly trickier than the tutorial, which I have since misplaced [the tutorial that is!] with more curves, so I had to figure a few things out:

Saturday ended and Sunday came bright and sunny…and I was back to work, determined not to go to bed until it was DONE!

Well, as done as I could get it since I ran out of fabric. BUT! It is covered, and it works, and it looks 250% better than it did 24 hours ago.

Since the machine was out, I decided to keep on the sewing break, starting with a shoe bag for my Little Man (which I don’t have a picture of), continuing on to this cute little zipper-wallet from Noodle Head, a blog I LOVE! My wallet didn’t turn out as good as I’d hoped, but it’s cute:

And as I was growing weary, I snagged some blocks I made last year, added a white rectangle to them, some binding, the start of some tea mats. These will be finished off by hand as part of my Red Light Quilting project:

I didn’t get a picture yet, but I also cut out and prepared a small applique project for my purse, but I’ll show you that later!

And finally! New books arrived from Amazon, three Halloween for the Little Man, and one for me, Ayumi Mill’s Patchwork Please, I’ve been eyeing it for a few months now and am glad to be an owner of a copy:

Not in the picture is a great book I read about on Perogies and Gyoza’s blog, Kenta and the Big Wave, written after the Tohoku Earthquake in 2011. Little Man has had some disaster anxiety, and this book looked really good for him. It’s in the Christmas box right now.

And so ends my sewing break for now. The good news is, since I redesigned my room, I can leave up my ironing board and pull out the machine for a quick sewing break when I feel I need one!

Today I set out to finish off a couple of bracelets including this gorgeous piece:

Do you need a custom made piece of beauty! contact me via this blog or find me on:
Facebook: Off on a Whim
Etsy: Off on a Whim Jewelry

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2 thoughts on “Sewing Break!

  1. I love the material! Is this also from your mum’s stash?
    Thank you also for the coupon code 🙂
    I keep forgetting about Halloween, but I am planning to crochet some small candy corn earrings and amigurumi, so seeing your books reminded me! Can’t believe today is the last day of September.

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