A Quilting Break!

With the arrival of a new nephew in our family, I decided to make my first completely designed and laid out by me baby quilt. I thought it should stay simple, since I really haven’t ever designed a quilt from the pattern up, and something I could do within a few months. I wanted muted colors and went with fabrics all made in Japan.

Once the pattern was created (see image 2), I dragged a buddy down to the Toraya Fabric Store in Namba to wander about finding the right cloth. I had an idea in mind, but wasn’t set on the exact shades. Luckily, the shop has so many selections, I was able to pull together a color plan. I went with browns, beige, white, pale blue, medium blue and blues.


Next, I cut out squares in 2 sizes, one for square blocks, another for half-square blocks.


Sewed the larger squares together so I could cut them in half to get my triangles!

1544600_552562378166675_1532171195_n And laid them out in strips to create the gradated step theme I was hoping for.

Getting that far was pretty quick, I was on a roll!! But, Christmas came along and it was pushed back on the project list to attend to other things…jewelry orders, Christmas decorating, food! Eventually I pulled it out and got the top pieced together.


I didn’t get pictures of the process from top to finish, but at some point I sewed the layers together, added binding, and began the task of quilting it. I love hand-quilting, it’s very therapeutic and a good way to use up embroidery thread from long finished cross-stitch projects. Each row had a different embroidery theme, but it did take me about 8 months to finish it off.DSCN1916 DSCN1918 DSCN1917 And finally I rolled it up, tied it with a ribbon and stuffed it in my daughter’s suitcase so she could deliver it on her return trip to the States. And my newest nephew has his very own handmade quilt. One day I hope to kiss those little cheeks!



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