Summer Love Giveaway! 2016

Celebrating 1,500 fans on FB and launching summer, Off on a Whim is hosting a new giveaway on our FB page here! Click the link and leave a comment on the post to enter, that’s it! No liking or sharing required, though you’re free to share and like the page if you want! TWO of these straps will be given to TWO lucky random winners!

A  little backstory to these thingamajigs, cause I’m really not sure what they are:

  • charms
  • decorations
  • suncatchers
  • car strap
  • whatever you need it to be?

I attended a local pottery class about 2 months ago, these were some of my first attempts at making anything. They really didn’t look like much when I’d finished, sort of lame actually. But once they’d gone through the firing process, I was impressed they turned out half decent.

After leaving them on my work table for a few weeks so I could look at them, think about them, wonder what to do with them, I sat down Friday evening and spent an hour stringing them up with stones and metal components in my stash. Many of the stones are from my odd-shaped ones I can’t use in bracelets, defunct or faulty, and I had a strand of large rose quartz hearts I bought about 3 years ago but were too big to use as charms, so have been sitting around waiting their turn to become something beautiful.

Two of these will be given away on July 6th, and the rest will be used as free gifts for orders over $50! Cool no?

So stop by the FB page to leave a comment, maybe you’ll get lucky!
Or stop by our Etsy shop or Ecwid Shop and browse the selection!!

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