Soaking in the Fall Sunshine

We have had some beautifully perfect fall weather here in Japan. Warm days, cool nights, blue skies, and the leaves in our city are finally making the change, bursting full of rich glorious color. Caught between wanting to get out to the sunshine and wanting to keep busy in my studio, I compromised and dragged my youngest off to a park not far from us. I had to bribe him with lunch from our favorite bakery, which did the trick and he came along willingly.


Our park is very old and very Japanese, full of maple, ginko  and sakura trees, cedars, pine, a traditional Japanese garden and artistically placed stones. Each season at this park has a special delight, but I find fall my favorite time to visit.

As well as taking in some sunshine and nature, I wanted to do a little on location photo shoot with my newest bracelet design, a simple leather wrap style made with faceted cut rainbow moonstones and birthstone accents. I made the original in 5 layers and included 6 birthstones representing my children, husband and I. Five wraps measures about a yard long and works beautifully with down to earth outfits, jeans, skirts, casual dresses, and can be worn as a double wrap short necklace. I simply love it!

While this is not yet in our shop, it will be as soon as I get around to sorting out the images and putting it up. I plan to make this customizable to size, number of layers, and birthstones included, a truly heartfelt gift for yourself or a loved one.

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