Giveaway! Super Rainbow Garnets from Nara

Off on a Whim is holding a Giveaway on our Facebook page until July 29th, 2018, for a pair of these amazing stone earrings! Follow the link or click HERE to enter!

We were very lucky to get our hands on a limited supply of rare Super Rainbow Garnets from the Kose Mine in Tenkawa, Nara.

These garnets are only found in 2 locations in the world, Mexico and Japan, and in Japan only at the Kose Mine. When they were first discovered, the mine was open to the public and anyone could go there to find their own garnets. The mine soon closed down and it is illegal to collect garnets from the grounds anymore.

What is unique about these garnets is the rainbow sheen on their surface. In the light they reflect back the rainbow glimmer, giving them an earthy and mystical look. These are raw garnets, straight from the earth, and cannot be polished or cut due to the unique surface.

It’s been tricky for me to use them, as I can’t drill a hole through them, or cut them. I finally decided to create wire cages for the garnets and turn them into pendants for use in necklaces, earrings and charms. I love the garnets on copper wire, I think copper suits them well, but I’ve also worked them with rose GF gold wire, which also suits these amazing rocks.

These garnets sell between $12~$200 online depending on size and the surface beauty. And are considered collector’s items more than ornamental stones. However, being who I am, I have to find a way to work them into jewelry so they can be worn and admired!

Requests for pieces using these unique stones have been coming in! We have sent out a few finished pieces, with others on the workbench! We are only taking custom requests right now and have not listed them in our shop, so let us know if you want to get started on your own unique Super Rainbow Garnet piece of handcrafted goodness!

Copper hoops with dangly Rainbow Garnets:
Can be recreated. $30/pair


Simple French ear-wires in rose GF:


Copper Heart Cage pendant to hold a garnet:
Can be recreated: $31.00

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