Sweetheart Be Mine

Sweetheart Be Mine for All of Time

…or at least for today!

Even though Valentine’s Day is around the corner, and it’s too late to order one of these for the special day, I wanted to show them off cause I love how my little Sweetheart Statement Pendants and earrings turned out!


sweetheart pendants on etsy!


The original idea came from this tutorial I found on Pinterest, which was pretty easy to do. I’d leave a link to the tutorial but unfortunately, the link doesn’t go anywhere valid.


I added stone accents for color and interest, and made them in a couple of sizes from the large statement pendant to small earrings.

garnet sweetheart necklace and earring set on etsy


And I may have gotten slightly carried away with the earrings, but they were just too much fun! And most of them sold out pretty fast too.

sweetheart earrings on facebook


There you have it! Off on a Whim’s Sweetheart Statement Pendant and Earrings, a little touch of sweetness and color to make that fabulous person in your life smile!



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