An Eclipse? Say What??

If you’re like me, you may not have even known a super blue blood moon lunar eclipse was due to start in 20 minutes…

…until perhaps your kid said ‘Hey mom, are we gonna go watch the eclipse??’ ‘Say what? What eclipse?’

But fortunately for me, The Kid was on the ball and knew what was going on, so we dashed out at about 8:45pm and sure enough, a piece of the moon was missing.

I tried capturing it with my iPhone, but yah, that didn’t work too well, so dashed to my studio for my Nikon, should’ve grabbed the tripod too but nope, didn’t think of it, and it was too cold to go back for it.

Propping the camera on my mailbox, I managed a few pretty decent photos. We came out every 15 minutes to check on the progress and record it, him in his diary with sketches, me with my camera. In person, it was so beautiful. Through my camera, I think I got some fairly good shots for an amateur! Funny enough, the blood moon was really hard for my camera to catch though.

And that brings us to our Stone of the Week:


Moonstone, despite its name, doesn’t actually come from the moon. It’s part of the felspar family, and is named because of the way it appears to be glowing, like a full moon in a clear night sky.

The ancient Romans valued this stone, believing it was born of the solidified rays of the moon, and both Romans and Greeks associated the stone with the lunar deities.

Moonstone comes in many colors, though most commonly associated with white.

Found in:
Commonly found in Armenia, Australia, Austrian Alps, Mexico, Madagascar, Myanmar, Norway, Poland, India, Sri Lanka and the United States

Mohs Scale: 6
Pricing: medium to upper range depending on grade and size. We have 4mm, 6mm and 8mm round sizes, tumbled stones, teardrops, button shape and chips available.

– good fortune
– inspiration
– intuition
– love and business success
When used together with sunstone it is meant to bring a perfect balance.

Moonstone is popular in our pieces and often requested, check out some of our pieces with moonstone here! And of course, feel free to ask us for a custom piece made with some of this beautiful mysterious stone!

Solar System 5-layer leather wrap bracelet

Meteorite and moonstone earrings

Men’s leather wrap black, blue and white stone bracelet:


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