Living with Dinosaurs

Stones are so very ancient, they surely must have communed with the dinosaurs once upon a time!


What stories would they tell us?

New in our 2018 collection is the ageless agatized fossil coral, an ancient stone, starting with coral specimens that have died and over time become agatized, taking millennia to form.

* aids one to find their best of their life journey
* wards off the evil eye
* draws in luck
* helps one attain excellence

I’m more than excited to have gotten ahold of these stones. I’ve been on the lookout for them for years, literally years, ever since first catching a glimpse of them on Pinterest. My supplier finally offered some and I snagged up 3 strands in 4mm, 6mm and 8mm size. I’ve been adding 6mm stones to all of this year’s Chinese Year of the Dog bag strap charms for an extra special accent! 

And I incorporated it into one of my first 2018 custom requests:
I don’t know how long I can get more of these, hopefully my supplier will always have them in stock!

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