Angelite: Stone of the Week

Stone of the Week!
~ Angelite ~

AngeliteSingleA soft pastel blue stone, solid in color so you pretty much always get the same shade, from stone to stone and batch to batch.

It’s a softer stone which converts to Gypsum if put in water, so remove any angelite jewelry when swimming or bathing.

Angelite symbolizes:
peace and brotherhood
promotes compassion and kindness
alleviates psychological pain
aids in communications
helps with weight control

It corresponds to the throat, crown and third eye chakras.

It’s a relatively economical stone, making it a good choice for an affordable piece.

We often use angelite in requests for blue pieces, as it keeps the price reasonable and blends so well with many other blue toned stones. However I learned through experience that it should never be put into a tumbler with water…the stones lost their luster and came out very dull!

Here’s a couple of our popular pieces listed on Etsy that incorporate angelite into the design:

Sky Wishes 

Lavender Memories


If you’d like to get in touch, drop us a note! Thanks for stopping by to read and have a great holiday season!





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