Sun Sand and Salt Water

Time for some Sun, Sand and Salt Water

It’s that time of year when all you want to do is hang out in some cool water. So The Kid and I took ourselves down to a nearby beach for the afternoon. As neither of us brought suits along, we ended up wading, digging about and collecting little tiny treasures.

Tiny Sea Shell Treasures

Walking along the water’s edge we counted jellyfish washed up on shore, from end to end of the beach there were over 40 of the little puddles of goo. I would have left them alone, but my soft-hearted little guy found a stick and started a massive jellyfish rescue mission, prodding them back into the water.

Sandcastles and Jelly Fish

While I peacefully sat in the sand staring off into the never-ending horizon (and enjoying the look of my new anklet! Check it out here!

Anklet Jewelry Summery Fashion

Finally the sun set and we hailed down a little ojisan selling ramen in the back of his truck:


And enjoyed the last bit of the day eating noodles near the water’s edge:

Japanese Ramen Noodles

Thank the heaven’s above for days like this, when weather and time and schedule collide to give you a perfect day off.

And now I’m starting to think about this year’s Beach Treasures Lockets, little floating pendants filled with treasures from the sea!

Beach Seashell Lockets Pendants


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