Scrappy Tutorials!

Off on a Whim makes: Scrappy Tutorials!

One of my 2017 goals was to make YouTube tutorials. I was thinking of jewelry tutorials, and eventually  hope to get around to them, but a few weeks ago I began filming a scrappy block I was making and put it together for my first-ever tutorial!

It took a few hours to film and sew everything up, then a few hours to edit and put it together, and it’s all very amateur still since I really have no idea what I’m doing, but I’m mostly excited about it and enjoying the journey of making!

My first tutorial features a diagonal Herringbone sort of scrappy block, and I touched on some of the basics of cutting with a mat and ruler, how to prepare scraps for use, ideas for adding a handmade touch, and introduced some tools to make the whole job go a bit faster and easier. Professional quilters will know all this stuff already, but if you’re new to quilting, this is a good video for you!

IMG_6871 2

IMG_6869 2

Head over to my YouTube channel to watch it, give it a like, a comment, subscribe, enjoy, laugh at my 10-year old voice and if you have tips on how to make it more professional, let me know! And stay tuned for the next tutorial featuring the leftover scraps from Project One!


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