Mathair: Mother


In Irish she is Mathair. In Japanese, Okaasan, in French, Mere…

and all around the world cultures have their own word for her, in every household families have their own word for her, but they all represent the same person.

She who loves us best: Mother

I didn’t really know the true depths of love until I became a mother, the protectiveness, the knowing I would die for this little baby in my arms, that no matter what they did to me, I would still love them. Sure I had moments questioning my choices, questioning my sanity and wondering if I should’ve chosen another path. Sure I felt more than incapable most of the time for this task and new role in my life, sure I thought there were days I just was not going to survive.

But at the end of the day, I realized, this is love. It just is, in your heart, no questioning it, no reasoning and no expectation, you give and give and hardly get anything back more most of the time than a sticky hug or goofy grin, snot on your shirt and sleepless nights. And yet, you love.

And in turn my own love and appreciation for my mom grew, I realized what she faced, and the sacrifices, the difficulties, the denying of herself so we could have or do or be.

In honor of the beautiful mothers in our lives, I put together these sweet heart pendants, each one handmade in my studio starting with a sheet of copper wire and ending with a lovely little necklace, a small token of appreciation for mom.


Each one special and unique, just like each mother hugging and supporting her children.

You can check these out in our Etsy shop, and if nothing else, send your mom a note to say you love her! It doesn’t even have to be Mother’s Day either!


2 thoughts on “Mathair: Mother

  1. What a wonderful Blog & as a Mother who’s Children have left the nest & one who is still at home , you still love deeply, give what you can to help them even as they are adults, your children are still the first people in your thoughts & will be right up to the day you finally leave this mortal world

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