Protection and Prosperity: Lapis!

Protection and Prosperity: the beautifully amazing lapis lazuli gemstone


The blue in Lapis Lazuli stones is always so brilliantly rich and deep, with specks of gold pyrite, a truly stunning and vibrant color.

Lapis has been valued for so long, it’s considered an ancient gemstone. From the Egyptians who buried it with their dead to offer protection, the Greeks, and today’s modern society still has a love for the gemstone.

Ancient Egyptians considered it a symbol of truth, and more modern beliefs are it works to open the chakra centers. Other believed uses are for:
– anti-depression
– stone of friendship
– prosperity and happiness

It’s one of the stones I have to order on a regular basis and make sure I’m always stocked up on!

It can be sourced from Chile, Russia and the States, but largely from the mountains of Afghanistan.

I like to mix it with crystal which I think really sets off the beauty of the blue and gives it a good setting. Silver would also be lovely with lapis. I have 4mm, 6mm and 8mm stones in stock as well as some chips for wire bracelets/earrings.

In Galaxy Blue, 6mm lapis stones have been combined with other gemstones to create a very special gift for a new university student traveling abroad. A single meteorite surrounded by moonstone, blue opal (grade C) and lapis, a pretty stunning bracelet!

If you want to have your very own custom piece made for you using Lapis Lazuli, shoot me a message on Facebook or check out my Etsy shop for ideas, or to just enjoy browsing the beautiful colors found in the universe of stones!


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