Love Me Do!

Valentine’s Day sort of snuck up on us this year, well, every year if I’m honest. I did make a valiant attempt to get ahead of the season this year, I started my projects mid January, but due to some illness at home, they were shelved for awhile, and now I’m cutting it too close to the date!

But, I managed to finish up 8 of these rustic, handmade, whimsical statement heart pendants! Phew! Considering there’s at least 10 steps from start to finish, it’s a pretty satisfying accomplishment, and on my [OH TOO LONG TO-DO LIST] I have penciled in ‘Make a tutorial on how to make Statement Heart Love Me Do Pendants!’, just for the artisans and crafters following this blog who love trying their hand out at something new.

And of course, the song from those really hot guys!
Love Me Do on YouTube


Here’s the line-up (except both Love Me Do in pinks which have sold already!! So sorry!) in case you decide at the last minute you need a really cool handmade copper and stone heart pendant! These come with either a leather cord necklace finish or a lobster clasp that can hook it onto a key chain, a bag, hang in the car, whatever! So many options! You can check them out here on Etsy!
Love Me Do Pendants on Etsy

And don’t they look so pretty laid out like a flower! Actually, someone asked if I might be able to make a shamrock…and of course I said ‘Hmmm, I think I might be able to!’


And here’s a closeup of each one, with more details on the stones used!

However you remember those special people in your life, the most important thing is that they know how much they mean to you! Happy Valentine’s Day!

PS. Stop by our FB page to see other pictures of projects in progress, mistakes, ideas and stuff we actually managed to complete!


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