Christmas 2016 Ornament Giveaway!

Off on a Whim is hosting its yearly Christmas Ornament Giveaway over on our Facebook page!

We are excited to be giving away THREE random dragonfly ornaments to three lucky winners this year! So head over to our page and leave a comment on the post to throw your name in the hat!

Click here to enter the giveaway!


I worked on the design for these ornaments off and on for about a month, playing with the wire and stones until I was comfortable making them. I ended up making THIRTY ornaments this year, and they have almost all sold out! I have 6 left in stock (not including the prize ones!)

Using 16g copper wire for the larger ones, and 18g for the medium ones, with a bit of twisting, bending, wrapping, texturing, oxidizing, polishing and sealing, then adding stone accents, I think they turned out beautiful! And I hope all the winners and customers who purchased them will smile upon opening their packages!

Check out the finished ones! They literally sold out overnight, there are a few Medium ones left in stock, and if I have time this week, I may make up another batch for requests that have come in.

[If you’re interested, shoot me a message on FB to let me know and I’ll add your name to the list! Large ones are US15.00 and medium are US$13.00.]


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