Summer Peridot and Fall Amber Large Hoop Earrings



Summer Leaves and Fall Trees

Last week while gazing at my beautiful peridot stones, I thought: ‘What could I do with these??’ And ignoring the mess in the house, the kid on the computer, the cat tearing up my paper doors, I focused on some more…EARRINGS!! Combining copper wire, peridot, zoisite and crystals, I managed to make SIX pairs of these, and 4 pairs in reds and oranges.

I started out with 22g 1/2hard copper wire (purchased from, handmade 26g soft copper wire head pins, 4mm faceted cut peridot stones and 3mm ruby in zoisite stones (though there honestly isn’t much ruby in them, that’s why they were in the sale bin!)

On my test run, I made the hoops first then added the stones, it was a bit tricky. Later on, I added the stones before I closed the hoops.


Step One: the idea!

Slowly adding the stones to the hoop…the long way:


Step Two: adding the stones

Since they turned out so pretty, I decided to make a whole bunch of them, and cut out the wire for it:


Step Three: prepping for more pairs

I wrapped up all the stones first and slid them onto open hoops before closing them off:


Step Four: prepping the stones

My original idea was just 4 dangly bits on the end, but they felt a little bare:


Step Five: almost there

So I added a 5th dangle in the center with green dyed crystal and a peridot stone. The ear wires are all handmade in my studio out of the same 22g 1/2hard wire:


Step 6: adding the ear wires


I really love how they turned out, these aren’t ‘small’ hoops, but using a thinner harder wire, I was able to get a sturdy frame without compromising on the weight, keeping them light and easy to wear!

Summer Leaves Large Hoop Earrings

Available on Etsy or Ecwid until supplies run out (2 pairs sold, only 4 left!)


And as I was getting bored with only working in the greens, I pulled out some fall colors for another set. These use gold rutile quartz, amber, garnet and prehnite to create a fall tree image:

Fall Trees Large Hoop Earrings

Available on Etsy  or Ecwid until supplies run out!

Find us on FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM, Etsy and Ecwid! Stop by and say hi!


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