Weekly Wrap-up: July 4th, 2016

July 4th!! For all the ‘Mericans out there, Happy Independence Day! I hope you’re having fun celebrating! I made some mini-cupcakes this year (don’t mind the paper wrappers, they have Easter Eggs on them, but who looks at those anyway??)


4th of July Cupcakes!

It’s been a busy week, as always! One of my customers sent me a Fan Photo of their new acquisition! Their husband ordered this for their anniversary present, I worked with him to create a special set including tourmaline and the family’s birthstones, with matching earrings, sweetness!


Fan Photo!

Some new stones arrived at the studio too! Emeralds, amethyst, sodalite, gray topaz and bronzite, as well as some undrilled raw apatite and watermelon tourmaline stones:

I finished off the hand stitching for this table runner, and actually got it packed and shipped off to my Mom, Happy Birthday Mom!! 3 months late, sorry!


And I squeezed in a few creations this week too! About 11 pieces were completed, wrapped and (almost all) shipped off to new homes!


So yeh, it was a busy week!


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