Weekly Wrap Up!

It was suggested I do a weekly wrap-up on my blog of what got finished off in the studio. In all honestly, I’m a horrible blogger. I’m actually not very good with anything scheduled. My life is sort of lived on the spur of the moment (hence my shop name…Off on a Whim)! BUT, I am going to endeavor to at least do one post a week, showing off the week’s projects, beauties, creations and accomplishments.

This past week was pretty busy in my personal life. Our family had a little getaway to the beautiful Amanohashidate in Northern Kyoto (read about it here!). My oldest son arrived from Guam for a week’s visit with us, we went to visit my brother who has been in the hospital, and I also teach English as a foreign language to children and adults a few days a week.

But I managed to cross off a request for some earrings, a Goddess Tree of Life Suncatcher, a 4-wrap bracelet and spent some time working on a project using ceramic buttons I made in a pottery class I attended 1.5 months ago (must go back, had so much fun making those!!)



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