A Day Off

On impulse [AKA Off on a Whim!] The Littlest J and I decided to head for an overnight trip to the beach. The famous Shirahama Beach in Tanabe, Wakayama, is known for its pure white sand. Once upon a time it may have been originally Japanese sand, but today’s sand is imported from Australia, or so I hear. Not a huge beach, it’s perfect for a slow day with the kid. The weather was a bit nippy, we didn’t make it into the water, just spent a few hours milling about the sand and nearby streets, finishing it off with pizza at a local spot.

The area is also famous for its many hot springs, which we would have indulged in if daddy had come, since The Kid is too old to be coming in with me anymore. Another trip!

Daddy didn’t make it on the trip, but he found us a last-minute-budget-friendly hotel to stay in. Let’s just say it was an experience in frugal old-style Japanese living complete with thin bedding, red-bean filled pillows and squat toilets. We won’t complain though, we had a roof over our heads and a spot to rest out of the rain that came down in torrents in the middle of the night.

It takes us 2 hours door to door to get to this particular beach, a huge improvement over the 5 hours it used to take us a decade ago, thanks to the highways that have been put in. But I do miss the ‘scenic’ route, one day I may drive myself down there along the little one-lane roads that run next to the ocean, stopping off for pictures and coffee along the way. But with an energetic and eager-to-get-there 9-year old, time is of the essence!

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