More Angels

I’ve been busy making more angels. Two of these are off in the post today. Silver wire with precious stones/gemstones attached for accent. One is a teacher gift, the other is a sister gift. These little guys are so sweet and fun to make, though I admit to mashing my finger more than once in the hammering process! Yikes!

Since they are handmade and not machine processed, each one turns out just a little bit different. Top one has a larger head and longer legs, bottom one smaller head and slightly shorter legs. One customer wanted a leather cord necklace, the other a silver chain necklace, and each specifically requested a stone added at the top as well as on the heart.


TOP: accented with aquamarine, turquoise, sapphire and garnet
BOTTOM: accented with amethyst, pink opal, citrine and faceted crystal


All stones are of course genuine and 3A grade or higher. These angels are not available on Etsy yet, but can be directly ordered via here or Facebook. Silver angels start at $23.00 for the frame plus the cost of the stones/chain. Copper angels start at $17.00 for the frame. They come in a gift box with a simple card listing the stones included.

Find Off on a Whim on Etsy
Find Off on a Whim on FB


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