It all started with Pinterest! I was browsing one evening and came across this really sweet angel. Normally, I don’t get into angels much. I like the theory of them, I like what they are supposed to represent in today’s stories, but, they’re not my ‘thing’. But this wire angel was too sweet to ignore.


So, dutiful pinner that I am, I clicked the link to like, pin and comment on it, and check out the website. Sadly, all the pin led to was the image, no shop, no tutorial, no blog.

Wanting to paste something to my Off on a Whim page (stop by and say hi!, or give us a like!), I uploaded the image and got some great comments and requests if I was going to start making them, and if so, can they put in a pre-order? I hadn’t really been planning it, but, the challenge sounded fun, so I decided to give it a try. Fortunately, aluminum and copper wire are cheap enough to make mistakes on until you perfect a wire design.

Attempt 1: Not even close to what I was trying to achieve!


Attempt 2, so much better, including some wings! Sadly, the wire was too thin and I snapped it in half while trying to attach wings:10407244_762170750539169_7091291211576429066_n

Attempt 3 and 4. I was feeling quite pleased with myself by now. A smashed thumb and a few hours of work represented here!

10355004_762358020520442_6223711706829873641_nAttempt 4 made it to the final stage of a proper picture! And this was a gift to someone in my circle of friends who needed a little angel in their life right now.

Attempt 5: This one turned out pretty good, still working in copper, it has a green peridot and purple amethyst.10628424_763297500426494_3134669989808507254_n Prototype 1: This was the first requested and sold angel, with 3 stones, rhodonite, opal and blue agate. 10407024_767117376711173_5542510564144523990_nAnd the prototype along with a bunch of other copper pieces got tossed in the Liver of Sulfer and then the tumbler for some polishing for an hour. Always a bit of a tangled up mess when it’s done: 10517468_768893939866850_4675948522652011520_nFINISHED! Prototype 1 polished and ready to ship today to her new home! I think Off on a Whim will be adding this to their product lineup! 

(Presently in the prototype stage, these are $17, once I’ve worked it out to a tee, will be between $21~$23 depending on the stones for copper wire angels, more for silver wire angels.)


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