New Treasures part 2!

The second half of my stone order for the month. Most of these are rated precious or gemstone quality, and oh aren’t they beautiful! I do wish the light had been better, but the forecast has been for snow, so I chanced a dash outside for a quick picture before my extremities froze off!

Can’t you imagine these in a treasure chest! Hidden away in a cave, with a map, where X marks the spot? Ahhh, daydreaming is a wonderful pastime…

In this batch are:

– 6mm Baltic amber
– moonstone rocks
– 8mm gray jade
– peridot briolettes
– peridot emerald cut stones
– pink topaz stones
– emeralds (yes, real and genuine, though not gemstone cut)

The green peridot briolettes will most likely get used in charms or earrings, I can see the moonstone rocks in a wire bracelet, and as for the topaz and emerald cut peridot stones, they will require a prong setting, which I haven’t yet worked with or know anything about, but am eager to learn more this year!


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