A Thing for Trees

I have a thing for trees. Not sure why. It could be childhood memories of climbing the tall pines in our yard on windy days and clinging for dear life. It could be hide and seek in branches, it could be that poem by Joyce Kilmer about Trees, of which I really only remember the first 2 lines, (it could also be that the poem was recited by Kal-El’s mother in Superman I?):

I think I shall never see
a poem as lovely as a tree…

I’m happiest where trees are. I’ve lived all over the world, from some of the densest metropolitans in the world (as in downtown Tokyo) to far flung swamps (as in Thailand), but ultimately, there has to be trees. If there were some sand and water too, it would be perfect, as in the tip of Chiba Prefecture, beach, mountains, trees all in one place.

One of the blogs I subscribe to [check out the Sentimental Quilter here!] has such beautiful quilt work on it, this fantastic felt Tree of Life jumped out at me and made me smile. One day perhaps I’ll find time to do such a beautiful work of art, but until then, I’m enjoying the images and memories of the tree adventures in my life:

Felt Quilt Tree of Life

Tree of Life quilt made by Barb Vlack, inspired by a Sue Spargo workshop.

And of course I do make my own versions of the Tree of Life in wire and stone. In 2015 my goal is to release a series of pendants, earrings and amulets based on the design, along with (cross your fingers!!) a video tutorial on how to make it yourself, which isn’t too hard but requires some practice and time and materials:

I even played with a Rainbow Tree idea:

High on the list of Tree of Life ideas to try is this from my Off on a Whim Freebies Pinterest board…Maybe for Valentine’s Day?

Anyway, take a minute to stop by my FB Page Off on a Whim and give it a like, where I mostly update my works in progress and share little tidbits of my life!


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