O Christmas Tree!

I put aside a bit of time to work on Christmas Tree earrings this weekend. My first steps in wire working were making these earrings about 3 years ago, I gave them all away as gifts and was so very proud of myself too! My first creations were from silver-plated artist wire and silver plated hooks, but as my confidence in wire work has grown, this year features copper versions entirely made by me (well, not the copper wire, I had to buy that…but the hooks and the oxidizing, and the polishing are all done by me!)

Sweet, simple, easy to wear and perfect for a fun gift or stocking stuffer, I’ve already sent off a few pairs.

And, since I had another 20 minutes to go before bedtime and all my wire tools out, I put together a few other pairs:

Part of the trick is how to capture earrings in a way that represents my style, looks nice and shows the pieces off. I’ve tried so many different methods for earrings, and for now, I think this is my favorite way to shoot them, one on a display card, and one on my little wood backdrop:

Not sure I’ll have time for more Christmas trees, but perhaps I’ll sit myself down and work on some more, just for the fun of it!

[Some are slowly being listed on my Etsy shop, some have already been claimed, some are still available! Prices range between $12~$22)


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