The Worst Storm of the Planet this year non-event

View of the eye of the storm from space

View of the eye of the storm from space

Typhoon 19, otherwise known as Vongfong (easier for me to remember Typhoon 19), hit our city last night. It was predicted to be the worst storm of the year on the planet, so we prepared, and prepared, and prepared some more. Mainly we secured the outside from things that might fly about and get broken or do damage, and shut all our window shutters to protect from broken glass. Other than that, we had some water and food on hand in case of power outage.

As it turns out, it was a major let down as far as storms go. I slept through the night, kids slept through the night, even the dog and cat slept through the night, and we woke up wondering if everyone had taken sleeping pills and missed the storm!

But in the end, we are glad that damages were minimal, although in other parts of the country there were casualties and major damage, our area for the most was unaffected and it’s always best to prepare for the worst and hope for the best. Not being prepared for a typhoon is worst than being over prepared.

[But really Mother Nature, we were quite hyped up for some major action!!]


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