It only took 5 years!

The last of the 3 placemats I started 5 years ago is finished! I gave two away, a blue and pink version, and this green one is going into the gift basket as well, but it feels awesome to finish off things that have been waiting around for their turn to be completed. 95% hand-sewn with paper-pieced hexagons, I chose a black dragonfly print border and lavender polka-dot binding. Overall, while none of those fabrics match each other, I think they all work together very well.


For the quilting, I pulled out embroidery thread scraps from previous cross-stitch projects, and as I ran out of one color, grabbed a new one from the tangled mess and picked up stitching. A lot of this was done in-between moments, you know, that odd moments when you find yourself free while waiting for the next event to commence?

The pattern came from this Japanese book, and if I were smart, I’d have this all hooked up to my Amazon associates account as well. I also see the book has almost doubled in value since I purchased it in 2008.

Fortunately the instructions were easy enough I didn’t need translation help. And now, on to the next unfinished project!


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