I’mma (really not very good) Soccer Mom!

I’m a part-time soccer mom. Lucky me, I’m only a soccer mom when daddy is too busy to be soccer mom. In other words, being a soccer mom is not exactly the highlight of the week. I was up at 6:30 on a Sunday, and the only people I know who get up that early are other soccer moms, or my next-door neighbor who actually gets up at a very ungodly hour, sometime before the sunshine hits my pillow anyway.

So, I spent some time sitting on bleachers working on a project that has been ongoing for over 4 years now, am glad to say, it’s just about finished, perfect timing cause I’m planning to give it to one of the little girls in my life. Almost entirely hand-pieced with hexagons, combining creams edged in pink and lined with black Japanese fabric, and for some odd reason, the lavender with polka-dots really felt right for binding.


Oh, and here is my Little Man in his #12 uniform. His big brother played on the same team a decade ago, #13, and yes, his name is Jason (the Big Brother that is. I asked if it was on purpose but the captain swore it wasn’t). I got a bit of a chewing out by a very good soccer mom for not having enough drink for him, for not letting them know a week in advance he would be participating in the games, and for something else which I really didn’t understand but, as we say in Japan … shoganai.




And slipping in a bracelet I finished off yesterday, copper wire with white quartz button stones and green seraphinite round stones. Still available to whoever fancies a new piece of bling. Still a bit of a prototype stage, so offering it for $23 (2,300 yen).


copperquartzserpentine bracelet


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