Fantasy Junkie

I’m a bit of a fantasy junkie. I’m especially into YA Fantasy. The reasons are simple:
1. I love fantasy, always have, always will (I did go through a long historical romance phase, and every so often I pick up one of my secret collections and read it over.)
2. YA genre is forced to adhere to certain guidelines due to the audience, i.e.:
– no explicit sex
– no explicit violence and murder (well, Darren Shan’s series are pretty gory)
– no very mature themes (you know, stuff that you just don’t want your kids knowing about way too early, or ever if possible)

I find that well-written YA books are able to create, weave and present a fascinating and well-written story that doesn’t have to rely on the above points to beef it up or make it more interesting. Much more is put into the actual story itself rather than taking paragraphs or pages to describe how the main character was caught up in the throes of ecstasy (and yes, admittedly once in awhile I want to read a book like that, so I grab one off the shelf).

The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss is one of those well-written YA Fantasy books that puts so much into the telling of the story, you don’t need a bunch of hot sex scenes, or crazy fighting scenes with blood all over. It tells the story of an exceptionally gifted young boy and his journey through life, from being raised as a performing trouper with his family, tutoring under a magician and, I could tell you more, but it’ll spoil the story!


So, if you like epic stories (think Lord of the Rings), I would suggest this.


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