Fossils in Agate


A few weeks ago I secured a strand of gorgeous gorgeous fossilized agates, well, the agates aren’t fossilized, but the creatures that were once alive hundreds of millions of years ago are fossilized in the stone. In real life, these are  amazing and the details of the shells and spirals are really captivating.


Rather than add to the stones themselves, I opted to simply insert a silver pin and create a ring at the top, then hook it to a silver bail, keeping focus on the beauty of the stone itself rather than the pieces to hold it together.

These particular ones comes from Wyoming, US, and date back 40,000,000 ~ 60,000,000, true hidden treasure from the earth itself.

One day I hope to own a specimen like this below, fossilized coral. Truly amazing!

ImageFossilized agate pendants available from Off on a Whim for $19.50 for as long as supplies last.
on FB: Off on a Whim
on Etsy: Off on a Whim Jewelry

And a lovely collection of various fossil/coral/dendrite agate stones on Etsy, that managed to take my breath away!

This pin can be found here: ErinnLM/Stoning


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