Modeling! Blue Fire Men’s Leather Wrap Onyx and Blue Tiger Eye Necklace Choker

I was asked last week about lending a piece to a model shoot, a male choker/short necklace piece in dark colors. The photographer sent me a picture ahead of time of the model so I could get an idea of their physique and type. So, I thought a bit and this is what I made:

Blue Fire

Men’s choker with 6mm onyx and blue tiger eye stones on black leather, closed off with a hook in the back:

I got my husband to model it for me real quick so I could figure out the space needed between neck measurement and necklace size, just so the choker doesn’t actually, you know, choke someone!

And it was off in the mail within 2 days, reaching the shoot in time for the model to use it during the session:

I must admit, he makes it look awfully good!
Many thanks to Peter Blake at The Authentic Image for the photo and Victor for modeling!
Blue Fire is available in my Etsy Shop Off on a Whim Jewelry for $48.00


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