Leather and leather!

Leather cord is integral to my pieces since it holds the whole thing together. I was happy to find a very reasonably priced supplier who has a great variety of colors and uses natural dyes. It takes about 10 -14 days for the leathers to arrive at my place, so as you can imagine, my orders are pretty large when I make them. Running out of leather is no fun! 
This order arrived just in time too! Last week I received 2 orders that involved the dark blue leather…which I had ‘just’ run out of…so I was anxiously holding my breath that this package of leathers gets here safely and soon, which it did!

Also in the order were new reds (a metallic and a natural dyed), a new brown (tan), and a new pink to try out! Once Christmas is done, I plan to test them out in new stone patterns!


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