Halloween in July!?

I’ve been told that it’s time to start planning your Halloween theme, now, in July, and some people even start their Christmas sales lines now too! I’m definitely not going to be ahead of the game this year! But, this adorable Halloween Felt ornaments started me thinking about it all! Advertisements

Newspaper Wrapping

Once upon a time, not too long ago actually, we had a rough year and Christmas was sort of sparse. I decided to save on wrapping paper and use newspaper instead. Gave the whole theme a sort of Charles Dickens-vintage-old fashioned feel, and since then I occasionally use newspaper to wrap something up. Pinterest today…

Gnomes in the Garden!

When I was a wee lass, 11 or 12, my Aunt gave me a book about gomes, full of color, drawing, facts and stories. I treasured that book for years, but got parted from it when we moved away from the States. Visiting my family years later, I discovered that the book had managed to…

A Very Busy Tuesday

Tuesday is my shopping day! Work that takes me into Osaka also takes me past some wonderful stone shops! This week I visited a new one and found some awesome deals! Burmese Jade, Aquamarine, Aventurine, and Rainbow Obsidian, but maybe my favorite discovery were some Larimar cabochons!  top to bottom:  Burmese Jade Aventurine Rainbow Obsidian…

Stars and Stripes

Getting ready for the big day, a special piece in special colors!  Double wrap in navy leather and thread, featuring white howlite, red agate, blue agate a touch of hematite for definition. Closed off with a star-themed button! Single wraps starts at 2,100 yen ($25.20), double at 3,400 ($40.80), triple at 4,800 ($57.60)