Summer Styles!

Summer is here!! Well, for most of us anyway, not for those of you Down Under 😦
Here’s a few summer styles I’ve been working on…from bracelets, to chokers to anklets! 

Pebbles in the Sand…
Botswanian agate with white howlite, fire agate and a metal bead, really nice with a charm added to it!
Double wrap…3,400 yen/ $40.80 
Free Shipping
Tree of Life…
Aventurine, mother of pearl, green jade with tree of life charm
Choker or double wrap…3,700 yen/ $44.40
Free Shipping

Purple Bits
Hematite, mother of pearl and various purple stones (amethyst, fluorite, agates)
Swarovski Starfish charm
Choker or Double Wrap…3,350 yen/ $40.20
Free Shipping

Ankles Away! (LOL!)
Howlite base, hematite spacer, variety of stones, each one different
Double Wrap Anklet…3,500 yen/ $42.00
Free Shipping!


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